3 things you need to do with Facebook ads

You’ve heard of the 4-4-2 rule in football? Well this it the 10-3-3 rule for Facebook ads…

3 things you need to do with Facebook ads

You’ve heard of 4-4-2 rule in football? Well this is ‘The 10-3-3 rule’ for Facebook ads…

10 – Most organisations will need to spend at least £10 a day to get traction – remember the more you spend, the quicker you will get data in order to make informed decisions on your strategy.

3 – Depending on whether you’ve set your budget at campaign or adset level, you need to leave your ad running for at least 3 days (some may need 5-7 days) before fiddling – I know, I know, it’s agonising but you’ve got to let the Facebook algorithm pixies do their thing to get your ads optimised.

3 – You need to test at least 3 different creatives per ad set – it doesn’t cost you anymore, you can have as many ads as you like within an adset but let’s be realistic, you do need to evaluate them all. So test different words, different calls to action, different images, different formats – try to only change one thing per adset so either words, formats or images so you can really see what is working.

If you want to nail your formation, I offer a Facebook Ads power hour training session for £127 where we can go through your ad campaign. From it you’ll leave with at least three actionable tips for your individual campaigns as well as a wealth of general information to help in setting up your ads going forward.

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