Are you wasting money on Facebook ads?

Here are five top tips to get your Facebook ads working harder for you

Are you wasting money on Facebook ads?

You want to have a go at running Facebook ads for your charity? Facebook keeps popping up and telling you your post is performing well so why not boost it?… So you pop a few quid on it and it reaches a fair few people, so you pop a few more quid on it… and so the cycle goes on, but you’re not actually getting any support. You’re reaching people but not actually the right people who are going to become supporters or donors…
If you want to get your Facebook ads working harder for you, here are five top tips:
1. Set up your ads using Facebook Ads Manager. It enables you to be far more objective, targeted and strategic than just boosting posts
2 . Choose the right objective for what you want to achieve – with the right objective Facebook will work with you, not against you…
3. Pick the right audience – have you already got warm audiences you can target? Website site visitors, email list, previous donors? You can use this data to find more people like them
4. Make sure you sell the sizzle, not the sausage in your ad creative. There’s a lot of competition on the news feed so what can you do or say to make your ad jump out at your ideal supporters?
5. Don’t interpret your results too soon! You need to give Facebook time to do its thing, so leave your ads for at least 72 hours before you think about making changes.
I offer a Facebook Ads power hour training session for £127 where we can go through your ad campaign. From it you’ll leave with at least three actionable tips for your individual campaigns as well as a wealth of general information to help in setting up your ads going forward.
Before you waste any more hard earned cash on ads that don’t deliver for you, perhaps it’s time we jumped on a call and got you set up for success?

I would love to talk to you about how I can help you meet your goals.

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