Just what is a Facebook Pixel?

If you’ve not got one, you’re simply leaving money on the table…

Just what is a Facebook Pixel?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term, or perhaps it’s totally new to you – however you look at it, if you’re running Facebook ads and you haven’t got Facebook pixel installed on your website, then you are leaving money on the table! It really is that simple.

The pixel is basically a piece of code (that’s as technical as this is going to get!) that sits on your website and feeds back to Facebook who has been visiting your website. This means you can target your ads to people who have visited your site recently or who have taken a specific action on your website.

The information the pixel collects not only enables you to target your website visitors, but – and this is the really clever part – it lets you build lookalike audiences of your website visitors. People who share the same interests and behaviours – people who could be interested in what you do, ie your potential supporters!

It’s pretty clever stuff this Facebook advertising – and when done well the rewards are exceptional. If you’ve not got the pixel on your website, I can help you with this…

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