Finding new customers & driving sales with Facebook ads

Using several online channels, I tripled leads within the first three months…

Finding new customers and driving sales through Facebook advertising.

The problem: Luke Stevens Developments (LSD) is East Anglia’s only Pendle Performance vehicle engine retuning agent.

The product delivers improved performance, driveability and up to 10 MPG more – meaning often the product pays for itself within half a year’s worth of driving.

As a relatively new agent, LSD approached me about building profile, awareness and generating new business.

The solution: I made sure LSD was utilising all of the relevant Facebook page features available to it, including activating the online booking system to free up capacity in the office – less time answering the phone, more time getting the job done!

Alongside this I developed a new mobile-optimised website which linked into the Facebook appointment booking system, making it easier for customers to check availability and book appointments. I also ensured a steady stream of good quality and value-based content across the company’s Facebook page.

Next, I created and delivered a Facebook Ads strategy aimed at building warm audiences – through engagement and driving traffic to the new website.

LSD performs the service on its state of the art dyno at its HQ in Cambridgeshire, so wanted to attract customers within a hour’s drive time.

I was able to ninja target potential customers in the catchment area and generate leads for Luke and his team to follow up.

“I spoke with Farrah as I wanted more people to know about my business, and ultimately wanted to sell more product. Since Farrah has been on board I’ve seen a big increase in quality leads, most resulting in sales - and all on a really manageable budget. I’m really impressed with the speed of the results...”
Luke Stevens
Director, Luke Stevens Developments

The results: I increased leads by 270% within the first three months, and delivered a 200% increase in sales in the same time period – this represented a ROAS (return on ad spend) of more than 20:1

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