Perfect Partners – Facebook Ads and Email

Building long-term relationships…

Facebook ads and email may well be the most perfect partnership of all time...

When you use ads to find new supporters, engage them and then invite them to receive emails from you, you set the foundations for what could become a really loyal, supportive and valuable relationship.

When someone gives you their email address (in a GDPR compliant way), the data is held by you. This is the really IMPORTANT bit. You effectively own it – and you’re not relying on a third-party platform, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc, holding it for you.

Imagine if your Facebook or Twitter was hacked, or closed down? You could potentially lose all of yours followers. Don’t let that be you!

The moral of the story is, social media (be that organic or ads) does an awesome job – its where people are and its a great way to reach out, but you should always, always have a plan to gather email addresses from your ideal supporters so you can have that personal relationship directly, not just via third-party platforms.

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