Digital Marketing & Fundraising Support

At Spark Plug Marketing, we believe every action needs a purpose.
We won’t sell you a Lamborghini, if a Volkswagen will do the job…

There is no doubt that you will be incredibly good at what you do, but without marketing and fundraising in the right place at the right time, your organisation may never achieve all that it is capable of.

Had ‘digital’ on your to-do list for a while? Take it off today and put it on ours… Alongside awesome results, we’ll save you precious time, giving you hours back to use how you want – at work or play!

We guarantee that we will put your charity in front of the people who need to see it.


Who? What? Why? Where? When? Let's build the foundations. We'll work with you to create a kickass strategy so that all of your efforts are integrated, impactful and deliver results.

Already nailed the bigger plan? Then you may just need a 6-12 month plan to define the best methods to use to reach your goals. Either way, you’ll gain clear direction on how to achieve your goals.

from £599

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is our speciality - if you want to get in front of your target audience at low-cost and high-effectiveness, there is no better platform than social media.

We can create mind-blowing ad campaigns to drive leads, funds or loyalty. We will help you find new supporters and retarget past supporters, helping you raise money whilst you sleep...

from £750 p/m

Social Media Management

To help your Facebook and Instagram adverts perform like a dream, you need well-managed, engaging social media channels.

If you have an existing presence on social media that you want to improve, or you want to open the opportunities Facebook or Instagram offer - we can spark interest, engagement and, ultimately, profit...

from £599 p/m

Copywriting and Content Creation

Great copy and content sparks interest in your organisation, and plugs what your charity offers. Ultimately, awesome content will generate you more revenue.

From copywriting to social media graphics and posts, from website and email copy to short videos, we'll produce high quality digital content that will help your charity, nonprofit or good cause prosper and grow...

from £149

Email Marketing

Using email to build your relationship with your ideal clients is key. You 'own' your email list so it becomes a really cost-effective way of driving support, donations and loyalty.

We can set up your email automations, write your nurture sequences and help you build long-lasting and profitable relationships with the people who matter to you.

from £149

Training and Support

Are you comfortable posting to Facebook? or building your grid on Instagram? Have you dabbled in Facebook Ads? Are you already emailing your ideal clients? Or are you a complete beginner?

We offer power hours to train, improve skills and solve problems, as well as nurture packages if you'd like a little more guidance to hone your digital marketing.

from £147

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We will put your organisation in front of the right people at the right time.

Additional support

We can integrate your digital campaign with wider marketing support

Bespoke Projects

Do you need copy or content for a new website?
Do you need someone to curate and publish content on your WordPress website?
Are you looking to launch a product or campaign?
Tell us what you want to achieve and we'll advise on the best way to do this...

Every organisation is different,
and we believe every digital support package should be...

Like you, we are incredibly good at what we do, so we won’t pigeon hole your needs into a one-size fits all package. 

Great marketing and fundraising should be simple, so we’ll work with you to identify what you need and then recommend the best ways of achieving this. And we won’t baffle you with nonsense and jargon. From us, you’ll get a clear strategy and results.

We believe in value and flexibility – and offer this to our clients via monthly, project or bespoke commitments.

Let's create a spark,

Tell us what you need.