Targetting cold audiences

Have you heard that Facebook is removing some of its audience targetting options?

Targetting cold audiences on Facebook and Instagram...

This is really important if your charity works in areas Facebook (or Meta) has deemed as ‘sensitive’ – including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religious beliefs and health.

If this is you, then targetting cold audiences is about to get quite a bit more trickier. But, don’t panic! If you take action now, you can still get great results from ads

Do these three things:
1. Build relevant cold audiences based on interests by 19 January 2022 (you can only build audiences including these people until 19 Jan, but you can use them in ad campaigns until 31 March)

2. Make sure your privacy policy enables you to retarget people on Facebook. Your warm audiences will become increasingly important – this includes people you have driven to your website, have commented / shared your posts / ads and/or who have watched your videos

3. Run engagement campaigns to cold interest-based audiences before 31 March to pull people into your warm audiences – if you reach out to people you haven’t connected with before, and drive them to your website, get them to like your page or post, get them to watch one of your videos or sign-up to your email list, then you’ll be able to include them in warm audiences, and develop your relationship with them.

But you do need to act now – you only have a few days to build those audiences – so, before you scroll any further, stick some time in your diary to make sure you audit and build the audiences you need before the changes come in.

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