VIP tips for creating engaging content

Make your social media posts, adverts or emails stand out from the crowd…

VIP tips for creating engaging content

Here are my VIP tips for creating engaging content for you social media posts, adverts, email or any other marketing route you choose:

V – give value, every time you post make sure you are adding value. Ask yourself ‘Why is what I’m posting important?’, ‘Why is anyone bothered?’, ‘Why does it matter?’ – if you give people something they need, they are more likely to engage with you.

I – use scroll-stopping images. If you create content that grabs attention, it is more likely to be engaged with. And it doesn’t have to just be images, try video, infographics, post questions, even go live – anything that is going to catch people’s eye and encourage them to engage.

P – show your personality. There will no doubt be lots of people who offer the same products or services as you, so you need to define what makes you special. Add personality to make your content memorable and leave people wanting more!

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