How to beat the limits of organic reach on social media…

For many, organic growth and engagement is in decline, here’s some tips to beat that

How to beat the limits of organic reach on social media...

“I heard it through the grapevine” sang the dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye, “not much longer would you be mine” – and ain’t that the truth when it comes to organic reach across social media… (caveat – obviously this is a generalisation as some brands are still crushing organic reach 😉)
But for many, organic growth and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – the list goes on – is in decline. Hootsuite claims that only one in every 19 fans of a Facebook page will see its non-promoted content. Yep, that’s right – just one in 19!! The easiest way to do something about this is to spend on advertising.
But you can’t just throw money at Mr. Zuckerberg and expect results. Oh no, if only it was that simple! In order for your ads to fly on social media you have to satisfy the algorithm gods, and a key part of that is showing up consistently on your page with posts, videos and photos that entertain, motivate and offer value.
So whilst it can feel a little pointless at time posting to your page for no-one to engage, remember it is essential if you’re really going to harness the power of ads on Facebook and Instagram.
IMPORTANT NOTE – It’s also worth keeping in mind that you just never know who is absorbing your content either. If you keep showing up and posting your next major donor could be consuming all of that info, so when you serve them with a killer ad they just won’t be able say no to it.
You could leave your important news and special offers to spread through the grapevine, but why limit your business to this when ads can open up a whole realm of new opportunities??….

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